Wills & Estate

Wills, Power of Attorney and Estate Planning are critical life arrangements that every adult should have, regardless of their overall net worth or age.

Without leaving specific, legal instructions, if you were ever to become incapacitated or when you pass away, the government will step in and dictate how your assets are transmitted. Ensure that your wishes are properly represented and executed with valid up to date legal documentation. My expertise encompasses all areas of Wills and Estate law, from the initial planning phases to actual administration. I am passionate about providing personalized, affordable strategies to help you plan for yourself and your families future.

Financial and Personal Care Powers of Attorney representation is something we hope that we will never need. However, if a situation arises that leaves you physically incapacitated or mentally unable to make decisions, your family will be grateful your wishes have been legally documented. I begin this process with a detailed consultation and overview to address any questions or concerns you may have. By understanding your objective and goals, I will offer comprehensive advice backed by years of experience to help you make the right decisions. Planning ahead with respect to your personal affairs will provide peace of mind knowing your final wishes are represented and your family will not be subject to unexpected expenses and difficulty in having to handle your estate. Without a legal will, the government will step in and decide the distribution of your property, assets and even guardianship of minor children. Ensure that your wishes will be respected and your hard earned assets will be designated to those you love. Especially if you have minor children, a legal Will is the only document in which you can express who you consent to take care of your dependents. When the time comes to handle your estate, probate is required if you own real property or have significant bank assets. Though my extensive background in estate and trust administration I will guide the executor of your Will through the process of preparing and submitting all required documents and tax procedures to fulfill their duties to distribute the assets. I recognize that dealing with the loss of a loved one is an extremely emotional and traumatic period and will navigate with compassion and empathy during this difficult time. As an added complimentary service, ELH Law will keep original Wills, Estate and Financial Power of Attorney documents within our fire proof filing cabinet. It is important to always have your Personal Care Power of Attorney document available for a loved one to access in case of an emergency.

Wills & Estates

ELH Law can assist with the following Wills & Estate legal matters:

  • Trust and Estate Administration
  • Power of Attorney Documentation
  • Will Preparation
  • Planning Asset Protection