Residential Real Estate

For many, the purchase of a home is the single largest investment they will make in a lifetime. The importance of working with a qualified, experienced Real Estate lawyer cannot be overstated.

From protecting your rights and ensuring all obligations under a purchase or sale agreement are fulfilled to certifying property titles and preparing financing documents, there are many murky waters to navigate. I will make the process easier and understandable each and every step of the way.

Through my personal, professional attention let me offer you peace of mind ensuring you are comfortable throughout your entire Real Estate process. I commit to ensuring efficient and smooth transactions by simplifying the terminology and guaranteeing that you understand all legal documents and implications. From providing assistance in obtaining title insurance to mortgage refinancing and division of property, my knowledge and over twenty years of experience is here to represent you and your best interests.

At times, problems may be discovered in a recently purchased home that were not revealed when the sale transaction took place. In these cases, legal negotiation or Real Estate litigation is usually necessary. Real Estate is a complex and very specialized area of the law. I am here to guide you with my attention to detail, technical expertise and most important, patience. A simple property dispute can quickly escalate into a very complex issue. Let me resolve your situation to the best of my abilities though my clear business minded approach, specific knowledge and by working with all parameters of the law.

ELH Law can assist with the following Residential Real Estate legal matters:

  • Financing & Refinancing
  • Transfer of Property
  • Purchasing or Selling a Home
  • Civil Claims
  • Assistance with Private Transactions