About Us

I’m Ember-Leigh Hamilton

Ever since I can remember, my underlying passion has been in helping others. I began my professional path after graduating with a Nursing Degree from the University of Ottawa. For the next nine years, I was challenged and rewarded daily with a career as a intensive care and neo-natal intensive care nurse.

Eventually, I decided to pursue a dream that had long been on the back-burner of my mind and attend law school. I was accepted to Queen’s University in Kingston and was called to the bar in 1994. Since then, I’ve never glanced back.

When I was ready to launch my own practice, I consciously chose Cobourg, Ontario. I had fallen in love with its small town charm and stunning lakeside scenery. It was important to me to achieve a balance between my professional and personal life, and this lovely community offered the best of both worlds. I’m proud to have called the beautiful town of Cobourg my home for over the past twenty years, and it has been a great pleasure serving its wonderful people.

Giving back is an incredibly important value to me. I consciously choose to participate in EAP programs and accept UNIFOR certificates. Since the beginning of my career and I’ve promised until the very end, I have committed to accepting Legal Aid Certificates. I feel very fortunate to have become a lawyer and serve people. It’s my little way of contributing to the community and helping those that need it.

I take my profession and the law very seriously. But not so much myself! I believe in having a sense of humour about life, which I feel lends a more human connection to my practice. My nature is empathetic and caring, I never lose sight of how difficult a particular situation can be to have caused an individual to seek legal advice. Helping people get through a tough period of their lives is my service priority.

About Our Law Services

ELH Law focuses on three legal areas – Family, Residential Real Estate and Wills & Estates. In most cases when clients seeks legal counsel, their world is on the cusp of a major transition. My goal is to assist people in getting through a tough part of their lives and help them to move forward with a favourable outcome. I take pride in providing quality, down to earth service. You can rest assured from our first consultation and throughout your entire legal process, that you will be represented with care and always with your best interest at heart. You may have heard that I am ‘different from other lawyers.’ This is the ultimate compliment and is what sets me apart from the crowd. I don’t speak ‘legalize’ and will ensure that you fully understand each step of the way and that your voice is clearly represented.

Flexible scheduling and business hours ensure that ELH Law Office can be of service when it is convenient for you. Starting with an objective and professional review of your obligations and rights to your current position, we can strategize on an action plan that is tailored to your needs.
Throughout the legal journey, I commit to educating my clients about the impact their choices have on the future and keep them fully up to date on the progress of their case. Finding a favourable, lasting solution with the least amount of emotional strain possible is always the end goal.

I commit to providing the personal, genuine attention that my clients deserve to understand and best represent their needs and goals. By bringing big city quality though a small, boutique firm service, clients will receive a value based service in a personalized environment. My wealth of experience, demonstrated skills and compassionate dedication to my clients has been the cornerstone of ELH Law Office success for the past two decades. I look forward to connecting with you and being of service.